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However, your teacher probably didn’t explain why, and knowing the “Why?” is key to genuinely understanding this rule about exponents. Patreon: attempt at making an instructional visual explanation. Music is by Eric Prydz. Discover a pattern that explains why any non-zero number to the zero power equals one.

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You probably know that anything to the 0 power is 1. But now you can see why. Consider x0. By  26 Nov 2007 What would it mean to raise to the power zero? Any number raised to the power zero is one. For example, 50 = 1, 20 = 1, and 3450 = 1. We can  We can reverse this question and ask, for example, 'What power of 2 gives 16?

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Why is something to the power of 0 1

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Why is something to the power of 0 1

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2 1 = Any number  Write 2x–1 using only positive exponents. The negative power will become just "1 " once I move the base to the other side of the fraction line.

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Sensas – Assort.Gaine Power 0,8-1,0-1,2-1,8 – 09679 -

For example, let us take 2 0. In order to generalize this rule for the case b=c, it must be defined that x^0 = 1 (x is any number different from 0). In mathematics, usefulness and consistency are very important. This convention allows us to extend definitions of power that would otherwise require treating 0 as a special case.